Born and raised in upstate New York, I grew up in an ethnically diverse household. My father reigns from the south pacific island of Tonga where he was born and raised until he moved to the United States to search for an opportunity to build a better life for himself. I come from a background strong in it's culture, family, and beliefs. ​​My father always had an interest and background in the artistic field, and as a toddler I always saw my father with these large, expensive, strange looking cameras around. I always had the exposure to it, and as I got older, I dabbled more and more in the hobby of photography. After a turn of events took place in my life, I needed an outlet, distraction, and way to keep myself occupied, I turned full time to photography.  
          First and foremost, I am a single father of twin daughters, who you can see plastered throughout my site. They are the prime focus of my life and the center, drive and motivation behind all I do. My full time love is my daughters. Secondly, I am a photographer. My first camera was a Canon EOS 350d, and from that I have expanded, evolved and mastered my "style". I balance on both sides of the photography world doing not only artistic shoots, but commercial sessions and sessions for hire. I've been invited to participate and display my work in a few galleries and festivals, including the Art On Lark Festival held by the Albany Center Gallery. 

          After gaining ground and getting attention for the work I was putting out, I decided it was time to take my work to a professional level and build and develop a website. I have since then began selling prints and framed work professionally and doing photography sessions for hire as well. So, as you browse my website, I hope you enjoy the work I've done as well as what I'm continuing to do. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and view the work I've done and am doing. Please, feel free to reach out to me regarding prints, framed work, or photography sessoins for hire. Much of my other work is available to be viewed in the bottom right hand corner with links to my Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter, and my Etsy shop where many of my prints are available for sale. Thank you for all the love and support. 
Contact Me:

Phone: (518) 935-3763

Photographs of David Toutai are provided courtesy of Kristen Berge of Serendipity Photography.